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WiFi for Events

Increase your productivity and reach with a fast Internet connection.

What makes WiFi for Events different from my WiFi at home?

These days WiFi is not a nice extra anymore, it's a must. But WiFi for a large audience more complex and a reliable WiFi network is truly a specialists’ job. There's also a need for a fast, reliable and wireless connection behind the scenes. Not every co-worker is able to use an Internet cable at any time, especially the co-workers that are active on site. The Safe Group builds the largest temporary networks in the world for tens of thousands of users. Offering free WiFi has a lot of advantages: 

  • Increase productivity and avoid problems or delays. 
  • A high work flexibility.
  • Increase your event's reach by stimulating conversations online. 
  • Encourage your visitors to share messages and pictures on social media with your hashtag and build word of mouth. 
  • Push your content (app, website, Facebook page) to your visitors and update them with the latest news about your event.
  • Free WiFi is an extra incentive for sponsors.

Providing performant wireless networks is complex and environment-dependent, and we have unbeatable know-how about these things. By taking the physical environment, technical possibibilities and easthhetics into account, we design a network that perfectly fits your event, 

WiFi at your event? 

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