Ticker Displays

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Ticker Displays

Stay connected to your audience and communicate with them in real time

  • Show messages to your audience instantly
  • Keeps working “if all else fails”.
  • Extension ofyour event

For what are Ticker Displays used? 

Tickers Displays are the perfect medium to rapidly communicate messages to large audiences. It's an ideal extension of your event to improve your visitors' overall experience.

Our Ticker Displays are large LED-screens which are still readable at a distance, up to hundreds of metres. They are designed to keep working, even in the most extreme conditions. They are resistant to water and even wind speeds up to 12 Bft. The screens use our in-house SafeSign software. SafeSign has been developed with high-availability in mind, and has not only a Plan A, but also a Plan B and C which are necessary for disaster recovery.

The LED-screens are designed in such a way that they integrate perfectly with your event site, and even the graphics of your brand identity can be displayed on the screens. Make Ticker Displays part of your total digital signage plan and centralise all screen management. 

This system is without a doubt the most reliable system on the market and ensures the communication with your audience, in every situation.

Ticker Displays for your Event?

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