Queue Signage

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Queue Signage

Increase efficiency and revenue of your services with this crowd control solution.

What is Queue Signage used for?

Many services or attractions at an event are subject to high peaks of visitors. Lockers, showers, sanitary facilities, cooking zones, restaurants and other services often have long queues where people have to wait for hours for their turn. It's spoiling the festive mood and decreases the workflow. Adding a que signage system only has positive effects:

  • Nobody likes queuing: shortening queues will have a positive effect on your visitors’ overall experience.
  • A visitor that’s not in a queue is spending time (and money) to other things on your event site.
  • Our system reduces the average queuing time with 66%. Peak queuing times decrease with 90% even.
  • The shorter wait time will make more visitors use your services. 
  • Controlling the queuing system is very easy and can be done from anywhere.
  • Controlling the queuing system can be done on a mobile device.
  • Thanks to Digital Signage the queuing numbers complement your events’ identity perfectly. 

For our customers this solution is a no-brainer: a perfect solution with nothing but advantages for the visitors as well as the organisation. The Safe Group helps you keeping the overview and avoiding large, chaotic accumulations of impatient people. 

Queue Signage on your event? 


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