People Tracking

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People Tracking

Collect useful data about the movements of your audience.

What is People Tracking used for?

People are constantly in motion, especially on events. From the food stall to the main stage to the toilets and back. Imagine an enormous amount of people doing this in all directions. Such an amount of people need to be guided. Before you can guide people in the right direction you need to know where they are. Using People Tracking you can regulate the public flow and intervene immediately at crucial moments. 

  • Continuous oversight of the crowd in each zone of your event.
  • Get realtime updates on travel times between various locations on your site and detect bottlenecks
  • Anticipate and make quick decisions based on real facts and figures.
  • Use the best-fitting technology for your event. Cell phone tracking, video analysis, beacons, RFID are just some of the options.

The Safe Group has an unrivaled experience in People Tracking at leading events. Our know-how allows us to deliver the most accurate and useful results. Together with your organisation, we design the perfect People Tracking-solution for your event.

People Tracking for your event? 

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