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Live Streaming

Give as many people as possible a total experience of your event.

What is Live Streaming used for?

Your event attracts an enormous amount of visitors, but have you thought about your audience at home? There are various reasons why people can't come to your event: tickets are sold out, some don't have the resources to come to your event, circumstances beyond people's control, and so on. Extending your event's audience with the online community is a the perfect way to increase your reach immensely. 

Live Streaming your event online can be technically challenging and that's why The Safe Group will help you set up the structure, so you can fully focus on organising your event.

  • Stream a part of your event of the full event online.
  • Create a total experience for your audience and stream promotions or the making of your event. 
  • Combine with TimeLapse, Stop Motion, 360°, drone video, other video effects or interactive applications.
  • No audience gets left out: Live Streaming works on any device, is internationally available, and scalable to millions of viewers.
  • One or more camera’s, with our without mixing and director.
  • Reliable streaming without any hassle thanks to our extended experience with networks, hosting and media streaming
  • The most cost-efficient solution on the market of the highest quality.

Live Streaming not only extends the reach of your event dramatically, but it's also a huge added value to your event. And with our unique approach Live Streaming is a worry-free experience for your organisation. 

Live Streaming for your event? 

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