Digital Signage

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Digital Signage

The only digital signage system in the world designed specifically for events.

What is Digital Signage used for? 

Digital Signage is everywhere. Even in the events sector Digital Signage is replacing more and more traditional posters and billboards. Real-time communicating to your visitors has turned from a luxury into a necessity. SafeSign is 100% in-house developed and designed for events, thus perfect for this application. 

  • Control 1, 100 or 1000 screens in the most user friendly interface.
  • Integrate SafeSign with your existing systems, websites or feeds.
  • Don’t worry about availability, SafeSign guarantees 100% uptime and a worry-free experience.
  • Connect any screen you like: TVs, LED panels, stage wing screens, serial controlled signs, mobile LED screens, you name it. 
  • Without a doubt it’s the fastest system in the world. Messages will be delivered to the screen seconds after you hit send

Our customers agree: working with SafeSign is a true relevation. A worry-free system that’s installed on time and always online. SafeSign allows you to communicate with your audience immediately and in an appealing way.

Digital Signage for your event? 

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