Three Easy Ways to Secure Your Event

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From build-up to showtime to break-down. Security is important in each of phase of your event.

Modern technology helps you to manage all security aspects more efficiently. This is where The Safe Group comes into play. We provide event professionals with the best custom security technology.

We’d like to show you three examples of implementations which will increase your security. 

Perimeter Surveillance

Events often have a rather wide perimeter. Placing barriers or fences to secure the site is possible, but, naturally, entrances are inevitable. The more entrances are created, the more security is needed.

Battery-powered cameras are the solution to this problem. Even in spots where there’s no data network or even electricity for that matter, you can place HD camera surveillance. Movement detection with security lights are an option too, so that unwanted visitors won’t get a single chance to enter your site undetected.

Access Control

What do the site coordination, the catering, the police, etc. have in common? Well, for each of these parts of the organisation it is crucial to know at all times how many people there are on-site.

Access control for events requires special hardware and software. Scanning hundreds of temporary tickets, registering identities fluently, and handling dynamic entrances, are all examples of things that make access control systems for events different from regular systems.

Look after an access control system which is able to handle the dynamic density of events, and that has intelligent features like the integration with your existing crew or ticketing software.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

When physical access restrictions aren’t possible, automatic number plate recognition or ANPR solves the problem. With ANPR, you get 24/7 reports about all vehicles which enter and leave the site. When trouble arises, you immediately know which vehicles were at your site. You are able to track vehicles perfectly, and you’ll receive the statistics of all movements afterwards.

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